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Midjourney Discord Server Link

Midjourney is an independent research lab that explores new mediums of thought and expands the imaginative capabilities of humans.

They are a small self-funded team focused on AI, design, and human infrastructure.

Their team has 11 full-time staff and an exceptional set of advisors.

Their advisors include Jim Keller (CTO at Tenstorrent), Nat Friedman (CEO of Github), Philip Rosedale (Founder of Second Life), and Bill Warner (Founder of Avid Technology).

This article contains the Midjourney Discord server link and how to use the AI to create stunning images from your imagination.

Midjourney Discord server link

Midjourney Discord

The Midjourney Discord server link is https://discord.com/invite/midjourney.

The server has more than 890,000 members and you can use the AI to create images from your imagination.

It contains multiple channels like announcements, polls, newcomer rooms, and more.

The most popular channel is the #newbies-1 channel.

In the #newbies-1 channel, you can use the Midjourney bot by using the /imagine command.

The /imagine command will automatically generate the “prompt:” text.

You need to type keywords after the “prompt:” text.

Do not delete the “prompt:” text or the command won’t work.

The server has 3 main rules—don’t be a jerk, don’t use the bot to make inappropriate content, and be respectful to everyone.

If you break one of the rules, you may be banned indefinitely.

How do you use Midjourney on Discord?

How to use Midjourney on Discord

How to use Midjourney on Discord:

  1. Join the Midjourney Discord server.
  2. Go to the #newbies-1 channel.
  3. Type /imagine something that you think of (e.g. /imagine waffles and pancakes).
  4. Wait for the AI to generate the image.

After you’ve entered /imagine, the bot will send you 4 images in 60 seconds.

There will be numbered buttons under the images.

This includes U1, U2, U3, U4, V1, V2, V3, and V4 respectively.

U means upscale, which is to enlarge and sharpen the image.

V means variation, which is to make 4 variations of the image.

Do note that each user will have a limited trial of 25 queries.

The queries include upscales and variations—so make good use of them!

After you’ve used them up, you can buy a full membership.

Full memberships include 200 queries or unlimited generations, and commercial terms.

Anything that you create will be visible online unless you buy a membership plan with the private visibility option.

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