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Mr Stink AR Quiz Answers

Accelerated Reader is a reading program designed for students’ reading practice.

It’s suitable for various settings, including in-person, remote, and hybrid learning.

Based on student’s interests, AR includes goals, quizzes, and recommendations.

The program tracks progress through reports and offers insights into students’ literacy.

Additionally, it provides user-friendly tools for administrators, teachers, and families.

This guide contains all of the Mr Stink AR quiz answers by David Williams (Renaissance Accelerated Reading).

Mr Stink AR Quiz Answers

Question: What did Chloe do the first time she stopped to talk to Mr Stink?

Answer: She offered him the five-pound note her auntie had sent her for Christmas.

Question: When Chloe arrived home from Raj’s shop, what did Mother do?

Answer: She ripped up the exercise book that contained Chloe’s story.

Question: When Mr Stink was settled in the shed, he asked Chloe if —.

Answer: There was a bell he should ring for service.

Question: After Chloe stayed up all night telling her story, Mother woke her to —.

Answer: Go campaigning with her.

Question: What was one of the hot-air balloon-sized secrets Chloe carried in her head?

Answer: Dad had lost his job and was hiding in the cupboard under the stairs.

Question: What happened when Mr Stern from The Times was interviewing Mother?

Answer: Mr Stink interrupted and asked if he could have his breakfast.

Question: On Question Time, what did Mother say, which Mr Stink then said was untrue?

Answer: She had stopped to talk to Mr Stink and asked him to live with her family.

Question: How did Chloe discover Mr Stink’s true identity?

Answer: She saw a name embroidered on the handkerchief he was using.

Question: Why had Mr Stink become a tramp?

Answer: His pregnant wife died in a house fire.

Question: On Christmas Eve, Chloe thanked Mr Stink for —.

Answer: Bringing her whole family together.

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