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Your Post Goes Against Our Community Guidelines Instagram (How to Fix)

Recently received this error, “Your Post Goes Against Our Community Guidelines Instagram” when you try posting something on Instagram?

It can be perplexing because your post might not have violated Instagram’s community guidelines.

Moreover, you might have something important to post but the error message is preventing you from doing so.

So how do you fix this error?

This article will guide you on how to fix and prevent the error.

By the end of the article, you should know what to do if you ever get the error message again.

Let’s get right into it.

What is the “Your Post Goes Against Our Community Guidelines Instagram” error?

Your post goes against our community guidelines error

The error message will be shown if Instagram detected that your post has violated one or more of their community guidelines.

At times, the error message is a glitch.

In most cases, Instagram’s AI is faulty and falsely detected that your post has violated their community guidelines.

As you can see in the photo above, the post is merely an illustration.

It does not contain any graphic imagery. Yet, the post is being removed by Instagram.

If that happens, the fault is not on you, but on Instagram’s end.

A lot of Instagram users face this issue, so you’re not alone.

So how do you fix this error?

Move on to the next section to find out more.

How do I fix the error?

Before I get into the details, do note that the error might be linked with the, “Couldn’t Create Thread” error.

If you’re unable to send a direct message to someone, you might not be able to post something as well.

To fix the error, you’ll have to wait it out. It might last for a few hours or up to 24 hours.

The error will eventually be lifted, so just stay patient and avoid posting anything during that period.

Unfortunately, the only practical solution to fix the “Your Post Goes Against Our Community Guidelines” is to wait it out.

The error is a cool-down and will be lifted once the timer goes to zero.

It might last for a few hours to 24 hours.

But don’t worry, the error will be lifted eventually.

You’ll just have to remain patient and try not to post anything during that period.

Why did I receive the error?

There are two reasons for the error.

These are content AI detected errors.

Firstly, you might have posted something that violates Instagram’s guidelines.

The AI detected that the photo might contain violence, self-injury or nudity, etc.

If you post something that goes against the Instagram guidelines your post will either be automatically removed or shadowbanned.

Basically, the shadowban hides your posts from new people.

Secondly, the AI might have falsely detected your post as graphic content and automatically removes it.

If that’s the case, the only way to fix this is to go 24 hours without posting.

Instagram support is almost non-existent so trying to reach out to them is a waste of time.

How do I prevent the error?

Most of the time, the “Your Post Goes Against Our Community Guidelines” error is a glitch and there’s nothing much you can do to prevent it.

But, as mentioned in the earlier sections, the error might be linked to the ‘Couldn’t Create Thread’ error.

This means that you cannot be action blocked in the first place.

However, if the error message is not a glitch, do follow these guidelines to prevent it.

1. Don’t post copyrighted content

Only share photos that you own.

Only share photos and videos that you have taken or have the entitlement to share.

Don’t post anything that you have stolen from the internet as it does not belong to you.

2. Inappropriate content is not allowed

Nudity is not allowed on Instagram.

Do not share nudity on Instagram. However, nudity in statues or paintings are allowed.

If you post nudity, your post will be removed and your account may be shadowbanned.

3. Abide by the law

Instagram prohibits you from selling illegal products or services.

Selling or promoting illegal products or services is prohibited.

Additionally, you cannot promote anything that is illegal on the platform.


Instagram’s goal is to foster a safe place for inspiration and expression.

Their implementation of AI and algorithms aim to minimize inappropriate content and spam, but it also produced adverse effects.

Instances of these effects are frequent shadow bans, action blocks, and faulty detection of inappropriate photos and videos.

Consequently, large Instagram accounts benefit as they have the ability to influence their followers to mass report a smaller account.

These issues on Instagram needs to be resolved directly to prevent further toxicity and abuse in the platform.

Howbeit, this lies in the hands of the company and only negligibly in its users.

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