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How to Promote Your OnlyFans: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you looking for ways to promote your OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is one of the fastest-growing platforms with over 200+ million visitors per month (via SimilarWeb).

There are huge success stories like Bella Thorne making $1 Million on her first day after debuting her account.

And Belle Delphine making $140,000 a month solely from 4,000 active subscribers back in June 2020 ($1 Million a month as of December 12, 2020).

However, these creators are the outliers.

Making money on OnlyFans is far from a get-rich-quick scheme unless you already have a huge audience.

The reality is that the people who are in the top 1% already have thousands (or millions) of followers on either one or more social media platforms prior to starting their accounts.

So, you’ll have to be prepared to dedicate a lot of time to grow your socials before you can get your first subscribers.

That being said, here are the various ways you can use to grow your socials and promote your OnlyFans.

  1. How to promote your OnlyFans using Instagram
  2. How to promote your OnlyFans using Reddit
  3. How to promote your OnlyFans using Twitter
  4. Other platforms
  5. Best way to promote your OnlyFans
  6. Conclusion

How to Promote Your OnlyFans

How to promote your OnlyFans

To promote your OnlyFans, you need to distribute your content across multiple socials to drive people to your profile.

You can get more people to subscribe to your OnlyFans by linking it everywhere on your socials.

There are many platforms that you can use to promote your Onlyfans—Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, etc.

These platforms work really well if you’re active on them (e.g. consistently posting content, engaging with others).

1. How to Promote Your OnlyFans using Instagram

Instagram logo

To promote your Onlyfans on Instagram, you need to link it to your bio, consistently post content, and engage with others.

However, you need to make sure that whatever you’re posting does not violate Instagram’s guidelines.

Otherwise, your account may be suspended without warning.

Besides following Instagram’s guidelines, you need to be wary of the hashtags you’re using as some of them might be banned.

If you happen to use banned hashtags, your account may be shadowbanned which will negatively affect your reach and engagement.

1.1. Don’t post anything that violates Instagram’s guidelines

Before you start posting anything, you’ll need to be wary of Instagram’s community guidelines.

If you happened to post something that violates one or more of Instagram’s guidelines, your account may be suspended.

You’re not allowed to post graphic violence, hate speech, and nudity.

1.2. Add your OnlyFans link on your Instagram bio

Let’s start by adding your OnlyFans link on your Instagram bio (if you haven’t already done so).

Instagram is getting stricter with its policies, so adding a stand-alone OnlyFans link might get your account suspended.

In order to add your OnlyFans link on your bio, you’ll need to make use of an all-in-one link tool like Linktr.ee or Allmylinks.

This enables you to “hide” and add all your social media links in one place.

Instagram only allows you to have one link per page, so utilizing an all-in-one link tool allows you to link all of your relevant social media platforms instead of just one.

Add your other socials (e.g. Twitter, TikTok) if you have them.

1.3. Growing your Instagram Followers

Growing your Instagram followers should be your number one priority if you’re planning to utilize it to promote your OnlyFans.

The next step you’ll need to take (and the most crucial one) is to grow your Instagram followers.

There are lots of tips and tricks you can follow online to grow your Instagram followers.

Typical examples include using the right hashtags, posting at the right times, posting every day, etc.

However, these tips normally don’t work that well, especially if you’re starting a new account from scratch.

So, how can you grow your Instagram followers from 0 to 1,000?

Here’s where Instagram follow for follow groups come into play.

Move on to the next section to find out how.

1.4. Share your Instagram link on Instagram follow for follow groups

How to promote your OnlyFans using Instagram

Follow for follow groups can be found in various communities like Reddit, Tumblr, Discord, or Facebook.

Utilizing Instagram follow for follow groups is an unconventional way you can grow your Instagram followers.

This is because they’re rarely discussed online.

Despite this, they’re still a really effective strategy you can use to grow your Instagram followers.

Follow for follow groups are basically places where you can self-promote your Instagram page.

However, for this strategy to work; you’ll need to follow others back.

1.5. Share your Instagram link on Reddit follow for follow communities

To promote your Onlyfans, you’ll first need to promote your Instagram because your OnlyFans link is on your Instagram bio.

Reddit’s r/FollowForFollow is just one follow for follow community where you can self-promote your Instagram page.

There are lots of other groups on the web.

Here’s a full list of these groups.

For this article, we’ll be using Reddit as an example.

Go ahead to r/FollowForFollow and create a Reddit account if you haven’t already it’s completely free to join.

Follow for follow

Then, verify your email address and log in to Reddit (make sure to check your junk/spam email if you haven’t received your confirmation email).

Once you’re on the front page, you’ll notice a long thread of people sharing their Instagram usernames and a short description of themselves:

Follow for follow Instagram Reddit

You should do the same and share your Instagram link along with a short description of yourself.

Including a short description of yourself or the content that you post ensures that you’re connecting with the right people within your niche.

Here’s a short example:

Promote your Instagram

You can use this template as an example:

“Hi, my name is [name]. Here’s my Instagram: [link]. [Introduction]. I’ll follow back!”

Now click on post and people will start finding and following your Instagram directly from Reddit!

Using this method, you can easily gain 10-20 quality followers on your Instagram daily.

Make sure to also follow others back if they sent you a direct message that they came from Reddit.

1.6. Consistently share your content on Instagram

Now that you’ve established a following on Instagram, you should consistently share your content because you’d receive more engagement.

Try to stick with a posting schedulebut don’t post too much.

You should aim to post no more than once every day.

Multiple posts tend to get muted which will negatively affect your engagement rate.

Here’s a tip:

When posting on Instagram, add the post to your story to increase your engagement rate.

Immediately after you’ve posted something on Instagram, add it to your story and prompt users to engage with a caption.

Here’s how you can add an Instagram post to your story (2 simple steps):

Firstly, tap on the arrow icon just below your post.

How to add post to story

Secondly, tap on “Add Post to Your Story”.

Instagram add post to story

And you’re done! Your post is now added to your story.

Here’s another quick tip:

Add a caption stating a discount (e.g. 50% off) to your story to drive more link clicks.

To grab your viewers’ attention right away, add a caption stating that you have a discount going on right now.

You can offer discounts to both new or existing subscribers.

By adding photos/videos to your story and offering promotional discounts, you can encourage first-time subscribers and retain existing ones.

1.7. Add niche hashtags

Make sure to add hashtags based on your niche to attract people that are interested in the type of content that you’re posting.

Add a maximum of 30 hashtags either in the caption or the comments of your post.

Add niche-specific hashtags so you can attract the right people that are interested in your content.

However, Instagram has banned a ton of hashtags.

You need to make sure that you’re not utilizing banned hashtags (if you’re intended to add them) or your account might be shadowbanned.

To check whether a hashtag is banned, simply search for the hashtag on Instagram.

If it’s banned, you’ll see this pop-up message on top of the page:

“Recent posts from #hashtag are currently hidden because the community has reported some content that may not meet Instagram’s community guidelines”.

However, there is a way to bypass these hashtags.

Just find synonyms of the hashtag that you’re trying to add to your post.

For example, if you’re planning on using the (banned) hashtag #alone, you can use a similar hashtag like #solo instead.

This is to prevent your account from getting shadowbanned.

2. How to Promote Your OnlyFans using Reddit

Reddit logo

Reddit is a great platform you can use to promote your OnlyFans.

Some users get over 80% of their subscribers just from Reddit alone.

Reddit has an edge over other social media platforms because you’re allowed to share NSFW content that you wouldn’t on others like Instagram or Tumblr.

Moreover, it has specific subreddits that are catered to your niche.

When you’re on Reddit, try to post consistently on subreddits that are relevant to your niche.

Additionally, Reddit is developed in such a way that people are only able to find your profile if you’re active in a particular subreddit.

Thus, people you know are highly unlikely to find you from it.

Instagram on the other hand, is more public because your username and display name are identical to most of your other socials.

If you’re looking to go anonymous, Reddit is the go-to platform for you.

2.1. Edit your Reddit profile

The first thing you want to do is to edit your Reddit profile.

Make sure to use a fake name because you don’t want people stalking/finding you.

Then add your OnlyFans link on your Reddit profile.

So whenever someone visits your profile, they’ll be able to easily see your link.

2.2. Find niche subreddits

Subreddits for OnlyFans
Screenshot: Examples of subreddits

Next, you want to find a handful of subreddits that are relevant to your “niche” that you wanna consistently post on.

If you’re posting something specific, these subreddits are the ones you want to look out for.

Your goal is to post on these subreddits (that are in your niche) to garner upvotes, comments and eventually convert to subscribers to your OnlyFans.

To find a subreddit based on your niche, you can search for this on Google: “subreddit similar/related to (keyword/your niche)”.

However, some subreddits require you to “verify” yourself. But there are others that don’t.

These are the ones that you should look for if you are reluctant to do so.

Also, please read the rules of a subreddit carefully.

Some of them allow you to promote your links but others don’t, and you may get permanently banned if you promote your links there.

That being said there are still many subreddits that allow self-promotion.

Here’s a tip:

You can view how many people are online at any given moment in a subreddit. Take the opportunity to post when you see there are a lot of people online.

Here’s where you can view how many people are online on a specific subreddit:

Reddit OnlyFans101

If you see a lot of people online, or a sudden spike of traffic, take the opportunity to post your content immediately.

This is because there’ll be a lot more people browsing the new posts section.

2.3. Create your own community

Once you’ve gained a following, you can also create your own community. The more active you are on Reddit, the more profile visits and link clicks you’ll get.

If you’ve been consistently posting on relevant subreddits for a period of time, users will start following you on Reddit.

You can leverage your Reddit followers by creating a community of your own.

Here’s how you can do it on the Reddit app:

Create a community on Reddit

Navigate to the second icon in the bottom navigation bar from the left > scroll down to my communities > tap on ‘Create a community’.

Congratulations, you have just created your own subreddit!

Overall, Reddit is a great platform where you can promote your content in various subreddits relevant to your niche.

With its anonymity and efficacy, Reddit is definitely a platform you’d want to be utilizing to promote your OnlyFans.

3. How to Promote Your OnlyFans using Twitter

Twitter logo

Twitter is a great platform to promote your OnlyFans and drive more subscriptions.

The best part isyou’re allowed to post NSFW content as long as you modify your privacy and settings (more on that below).

Twitter is very similar to other social media platforms the more active you are, the faster you’ll grow.

3.1. How to grow your Twitter followers

For a start, you can join follow for follow subreddits on Reddit to grow your Twitter account.

Join subreddits like r/Followback & r/FollowForFollow.

Here’s how they work (3 simple steps):

1. Post your Twitter link.

2. Follow others that posted their Twitter link that might be interested in your “niche”.

3. Send them a message that you came from the specific subreddit for a follow back.

3.2. Mark your tweets as sensitive

The first thing you’ll want to do is to go to your settings and mark media your tweets as sensitive (this is part of Twitter’s TOS) to prevent your account from being suspended.

Here’s how you can do that.

Tap on your profile in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

1. Navigate to ‘Settings and privacy’.

Twitter menu

2. Next, tap ‘Privacy and safety’ just below the ‘Account’ tab.

Twitter privacy and safety

3. Lastly, scroll down to safety until you find the tab that says, “Mark media you Tweet as containing material that may be sensitive”.

Then, toggle the switch to green.

Mark media as sensitive on Twitter

Once you’ve marked your media as sensitive, you can start sharing NSFW content on your Twitter.

3.4. Set your precise location is set to “disabled”

Next, you’ll want to disable your precise location because you don’t want people to be knowing where you live.

To ensure that your precise location is set to ‘disabled’, navigate to Privacy and safety > Location.

Then, disable your precise location.

Disable precise location on Twitter

3.5. Add your OnlyFans Link to your bio

Lastly, you’ll want to add your OnlyFans link to your bio.

This will make your link noticeable whenever someone visits your profile.

Preferably, you’ll want to make use of an all-in-one link like Linktr.ee or Allmylinks if you want to add your other socials (e.g. Instagram, TikTok).

4. Other platforms to promote your OnlyFans

Here are some other platforms you can utilize to further promote your OnlyFans.

4.1. Snapchat

Snapchat logo

Add random users on Snapchat and share content via stories.

Snapchat is a way to reinforce your OnlyFans.

Instagram’s monthly active users are nearly 4 times that of Snapchat’s.

However, Snapchat is still a great way to market your content.

In order to grow your Snapchat, you’ll need to share your QR code on various social media platforms like Instagram.

A method that some creators use is that they add random users.

When users accept your friend request, they can see your stories.

4.2. Tumblr

Tumblr logo

Tumblr used to be a great way to promote your content.

However, ever since the ban of all NSFW content in 2018, Tumblr’s traffic has dropped tremendously.

So, whenever you’re posting on Tumblr, do not post NSFW content or your account will be suspended.

When you post something, be sure to include your OnlyFans link as well.

The easiest way to grow your Tumblr is to add a ton of hashtags on your post.

Add relevant hashtags on your posts and people will find you organically.

There are a lot of banned hashtags, but just like Instagram you can easily bypass that by finding ‘synonyms’ of that particular keyword.

Additionally, you’ll want to constantly follow others and re-blog their content.

5. Best way to promote your OnlyFans account

The best way to promote your OnlyFans account ranked from best to worst: TikTok, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, Tinder, Snapchat, Tumblr.

1.RedditReddit is one of the best ways to distribute your Instagram and OnlyFans link via hundreds of niche subreddits.
2.TikTokCreate short-form videos based on dances, workouts, skits, etc.

Get inspiration from other creators and try to “replicate” the type of content that their posting to get on the FYP.
3.InstagramAdd your OnlyFans link via AllMyLinks, Linkt.ree, or Linkin.bio.
4.TwitterMark your media as “sensitive” to prevent getting banned.
5.TinderConnect your Instagram account to Tinder and put your Instagram handle in your bio.

However, try to avoid putting your OnlyFans link in your bio or your account may be suspended.
6.SnapchatAdd random users and post daily stories.
7.TumblrFollow random users and re-blog content.

Since the NSFW ban, Tumblr is not as effective anymore.


If you want to gain more subscribers, you’ll have to be consistent in your promotion.

In summary, to promote your OnlyFans, you want to link it everywhere (in all of your socials).

Then, focus on the top three platforms that you’re most active on (e.g. Reddit + Instagram + Twitter) and consistently put out content (posts, stories, videos, etc.) to prompt users to click the link in your bio.

Remember, the culture of each social media platform is different so you’ll want to follow their rules and guidelines to maximize their potential and prevent your account from being suspended.

At the end of the day, that’s how people can find you.

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