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How to Fix “The chat filter is currently experiencing issues” in Roblox

Are you getting a “The chat filter is currently experiencing issues” error in Roblox?

Here’s the full error message, “The chat filter is currently experiencing issues and messages may be slow to appear”.

If so, messages that you send in Roblox may fail.

In other cases, they will take a longer time to appear in the chat.

This is usually because of a downtime in the Roblox servers.

In this guide, you’ll learn how what is the Roblox chat filter and to fix “The chat filter is currently experiencing issues”.

What is the Roblox chat filter?

The chat filter is currently experiencing issues and messages may be slow to appear

The Roblox chat filter prevents players from sending profanity and personal information.

It replaced “Safe Chat”, a filter that prevents players from sending messages that were not pre-programmed.

Roblox used to have a blacklist of words that are stored in the “diogenes.fnt” file.

If players message a word from the blacklist, they will be automatically banned.

Currently, the text filter is supplied by the CommunitySift service that uses rules and text classification.

Along with filtering profanity, the service can censor private information so that Roblox can be COPPA-compliant.

That said, the chat filter is frequently down and players are unable to send messages.

It also censors words that are not considered profanity such as “hi” or “okay”.

The filter has gone through multiple updates and it’s now able to detect a normal conversation.

However, false positives still occur when someone tries to look up a username.

How to Fix “The chat filter is currently experiencing issues” in Roblox

Roblox chat filter not working

To fix “The chat filter is currently experiencing issues” in Roblox, you need to check if Roblox is down.

If Roblox is down, you need to wait for a few hours for the servers to be back up.

There are multiple ways to check if Roblox is down.

Firstly, you can go to downdetector.com/status/roblox/ and look at the graph.

If the graph has a huge spike, it means that a lot of users reported that Roblox is down.

Secondly, you can go to the official Roblox status page.

The page will tell you if anything is wrong with Roblox.

This includes the Roblox website, mobile app, Xbox app, games, avatar, and more.

If everything is green (operational), it means that there is nothing wrong.

However, if there is a service disruption or degraded performance, it means that Roblox is down.

Lastly, you can go to Twitter and search for “Roblox down” and check the latest tweets.

If there are a lot of people tweeting about it, it means that you’re not the only one experiencing the downtime.

The engineering team will typically take an hour to fix service disruptions.

However, it can take multiple hours if the issue is complex.

Hence, you need to be patient and wait until the servers are back up before you can chat normally again.

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