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Who is Shauntae Heard? Apology, Criminal Record, and Social Media

Shauntae Heard (Tommanesha Shauntae) went viral on TikTok after knocking a street performer’s piano to the ground.

The performer, @theandrewshoe, uploaded the video on TikTok and gained millions of views before he took it down.

Social media users were outraged by the incident and sent thousands of threats and destructive comments on Shauntae’s socials.

According to Andrew, he pressed charges on her and is in contact with the police department (case number: 2023-09259158).

In this article, you’ll learn who is Shauntae Heard, her apology, arrest, being fired, criminal record, and social media profiles.

Who is Shauntae Heard?


Why would someone even do this? 😡

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Shauntae Heard gained infamy after a video of her knocking down a performer’s piano circulated on TikTok.

Andrew, the victim of the incident, is a street performer who performs the piano and harmonica in public (@theandrewshoe on TikTok).

In late 2023, Andrew was playing the piano on the street before getting interrupted by Shauntae.

At first, Shauntae placed her entire hand on the piano, which interrupted Andrew’s performance.

A couple of girls asked Shauntae to stop and dragged her hand away from the piano.

After the girls left, Shauntae decided to come back and slammed her hand on the piano, knocking it down.

She acted surprised while her friends were laughing in the background.

To make matters worse, she stole money from Andrew’s tip jar and walked away.

Some kind bystanders witnessed the incident, gave him some money, and brought the piano back up.

Shauntae Heard apology

Apology #1:

“Public service announcement. I apologize to everyone who has seen the viral video. I have taken accountability for my actions, and I acknowledge that it was wrong and ignorant of me. However, I request that you keep my family out of it. Your issue is with me, not my family, and texting them or me won’t achieve anything. I have already apologized to the person involved, and we have talked. Everything is good. No, I didn’t steal any money, and I didn’t break the piano. I am a human, just like all of you, and everyone makes mistakes. I’ve seen worse downtown; this is nothing compared to what I did, and I know it’s not right. The person I apologized to accepted my apology, and we had a good conversation on the phone, and that’s all that matters. The way some of you are texting me and my family, creating fake pages, is nasty. You don’t gain anything from that. Stay blessed! (Oh yeah, please stop texting my auntie Sabrina Nesbitt-Goddard; she is genuinely crazy, not just for show.)”.

Apology #2:

“I don’t want y’all to feel bad for me; I didn’t ask y’all to feel bad for me. Y’all are pathetic, the way y’all commenting under my post. Y’all can’t tell me how I feel or what I did. Y’all should get a life and leave me alone. Y’all are grown and have nothing else to do. I know what I did, and again, I know that it was wrong. I don’t need y’all people in my comments telling me how y’all feel ’cause it really doesn’t matter about how y’all feel about anything. It’s up to the person, and we already talked, and we are good. So f*ck y’all, and y’all can keep doing what y’all doing. It’s not going to make y’all life better talking crazy. Y’all people are harassing me and my family like y’all need to get it together. Again, me and the person are good, and I can say I took accountability for what I did ’cause that wasn’t right, and it was okay or a good look. I’m not a bully or act that way at all. I don’t need y’all telling me what I have done was wrong; obviously, I know that. And this is my last post!!!!”.

Source: Shauntae Heard on Facebook.

Shauntae Heard’s criminal record

Shauntae Heard’s criminal record:

  • Theft of lost/mislaid property – Misdemeanor
  • Financial transaction card fraud – Felony
  • Financial transaction card fraud – Felony

Source: The Georgia Gazette, Clarke County.

Social media profiles

Shauntae Heard’s social media profiles:

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