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How to Stream 1080p on Discord Without Nitro

Discord allows you to share your screen with your friends.

The features are called “Go Live” and “Screen Share”.

They allow you to screen share an application window or your entire screen.

This is helpful if you want to watch a movie with your friends or family.

The Go Live and Screen Share streams are limited to 50 people at a time.

All users can stream up to 720p at 30 fps while Nitro Classic subscribers have access to 1080p at 60 fps.

If you’re a Nitro subscriber, you can stream up to 4k at 60 fps.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to stream 1080p or 1440p on Discord without Nitro (screen sharing).

How do I make Discord stream 1080p?

Discord Stream 1080p

To make your Discord stream 1080p, you must first subscribe to Nitro Classic or Nitro.

After you’ve subscribed to Nitro Classic or Nitro, join a voice channel.

Select the “Share Your Screen” icon and choose an app or screen to share.

Under “Stream quality” and under “Resolution”, select the “1080p” option.

The option is only available for Nitro Classic or Nitro subscribers.

Nitro Classic subscribers can stream up to 1080p while Nitro subscribers can stream up to 4k.

How to stream 1080p on Discord without Nitro

To stream 1080p on Discord without Nitro, you need to download BetterDiscord.

After you’ve downloaded BetterDiscord, you need to install the NitroPerks plugin.

The plugin will give you access to all Nitro perks without having to pay for them.

This includes bigger uploads, custom emojis, HD video streaming, and more.

How to stream 1080p on Discord without Nitro (with BetterDiscord and NitroPerks):

  1. Go to https://betterdiscord.app/, click on the download button, and run the installer.
  2. Accept the license agreement > Install BetterDiscord > Discord > Install.
  3. Download NitroPerks from this link.
  4. Open Discord > User Settings > Plugins > Open Plugins Folder.
  5. Open the NitroPerks file and drag and drop the NitroPerks.plugin.js file into the Plugins Folder.
  6. Enable the NitroPerks plugin.
  7. Join a voice channel > Share Your Screen > select a screen > Resolution > 1080p > Go Live.

After you’ve selected “Go Live”, others will be able to see your screen in 1080p.

Do note that BetterDiscord and NitroPerks are not associated with Discord.

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