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How to Fix “The Privacy configuration resolution failed” in Soul Knight Prequel

In Soul Knight Prequel, you need to defeat monsters to upgrade your skills.

Choose classes like Thief, Archer, Witch, Knight, Pyromancer, and others.

When you level up, you’ll unlock 12 Hybrid Classes and over 130 Hybrid skills.

Mix and match over 900 gear pieces to improve your build and fill up your inventory,

Team up with your friends via LAN or online multiplayer and defeat bosses.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to fix “The Privacy configuration resolution failed” in Soul Knight Prequel.

Why did the privacy configuration resolution fail in Soul Knight Prequel?

The privacy configuration resolution failed in Soul Knight Prequel because the game’s server is unstable.

According to Soul Knight Prequel on Facebook, server anomalies led to players disconnecting.

The issue also prevented players from playing the game, making payments, or redeeming gift codes.

The engineering team discovered that the issue was caused by a server node.

Because of this, the server had hit its peak and periodically disconnected.

Currently, the team is working on fixing the issue by migrating the server at full throttle.

Since this involves multiple modules and huge data, it can take a long time to complete.

Source: Soul Knight Prequel on Facebook.

How to Fix “The Privacy configuration resolution failed” in Soul Knight Prequel

Here are the recommended fixes for “The Privacy configuration resolution failed” in Soul Knight Prequel:

  • Fix 1: If you’re unable to enter the game due to the failure of the privacy configuration resolution, wait, log out, and log in, or try switching networks (e.g. from Wi-Fi to mobile data and vice-versa).
  • Fix 2: When you open treasure chests or card packs, you may be disconnected. To avoid item loss, exit and re-enter the game if an error message appears or click on the retry button. Do not click “Return to Main Menu”.
  • Fix 3: If you’re trying to redeem codes and there is no response, try again or log in and log out of the game when the server is more stable.
  • Fix 4: If you haven’t received items after making a payment, wait 1 to 2 hours after logging out and logging in to the game. Otherwise, you need to contact the game’s customer service: info@chillyroom.games.
  • Fix 5: Download a free VPN app from the App Store or Google Play Store and try connecting to a VPN (e.g. Singapore) before entering the game (if you’re already connected to a VPN, disconnect from it and try entering the game again).

Source: Soul Knight Prequel on Facebook.

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