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Tower of Fantasy Discord Server

Tower of Fantasy has multiple social media channels including Discord.

You can join their Discord server for announcements, updates, and media content.

The game is similar to Genshin Impact but in a sci-fi alien world.

It was first launched in China on December 16, 2021, but it’s set to release globally in Q3 2022.

This article contains the Tower of Fantasy Discord server link, rules, and whether the game is available.

Tower of Fantasy Discord server link

Tower of Fantasy Discord

The Tower of Fantasy Discord server link: https://discord.com/invite/toweroffantasy.

The server has more than 50,000 members.

Before you can have full access to the server, you need to agree to the server rules.

To do so, click on “Complete”, tick the box, and click on “Sumit”.

Alternatively, you can react to the message sent by the “Tutel of Fantasy” bot to get the “Wanderer” role.

There are three channels including “#official-announcement”, “#faqs-update”, and “#social-media”.

Tower of Fantasy Discord server rules

  • 🧾 Guidelines
    Adhere to the Discord Community Guidelines (Discord Terms of Service) and Terms of Service (Discord Community Guidelines) at all times.
  • 💬 Chat Behaviour
    Respect the server and all the members present. Be respectful towards the server and everyone at all times. Racism, hate speech, drama, and harassment are strictly prohibited. Please keep conversations civil and comfortable for everyone!
  • 🚫 Inappropriate Content
    Do not send or post content that promotes hate or targets certain groups of people. Examples of those would be gender, sex, race, ethnicity, nationality, age, sexuality, religious affiliation/beliefs, political affiliation/beliefs, social, or family background. This also applies to excessive spamming of jokes and banter regarding certain minorities.
  • 🔞 NSFW
    Any NSFW content is strictly prohibited, as it is against Discord Community Guidelines. Do not post any NSFW/R-18 such as images that may be too obscene in nature. In addition, any form of content, from text to media, that illustrates or suggests the normalization or justification of sexualizing minors will result in an immediate ban without appeal. There is no room for “jokes” or loopholes, including examples such as “legal loli.”
  • 💵 Real Money Trading / Advertising
    Real Money Trading (RMT) is prohibited. Attempting to purchase, sell, or beg for a Tower of Fantasy or any other game/social media account is prohibited, as is attempting to sell or advertise any sort of “account piloting” service. Members found engaging in RMT transactions, whether on or off of this server, may be instantly banned from this server with no opportunity for appeal.
  • No advertising other sites/discord servers (Permission must be requested from a Staff member and must be approved prior).
  • 🔊 Channel Relevancy
    Please use the individual text and voice channels appropriately (stay on-topic). Please read the channel topics and use them for their intended purpose only as much as possible. Going off-topic every now and then is fine, but moderators will direct you to the appropriate channel as they deem needed. People who derail conversations and are persistent in flooding a channel with unrelated things will be punished accordingly.
  • 🔨 Staff Decisions
    Respect the staff, their decisions, and their actions. Remember that Moderators are still human beings and are prone to error. If you feel that a moderator is acting out of line, please contact an Admin. Both server members and Moderators are subject to all of the above rules, with the Moderators being additionally subjected to Moderation guidelines in a Code of Conduct Policy.
  • 🚨 Server Strike System
    No evading server punishments (mutes and/or bans). If you have any issues with your punishments, feel free to contact the Admin.

Is Tower of Fantasy available?

Tower of Fantasy is available in China on December 16, 2021 and globally in Q3 2022.

You can play it on mobile (iOS/Android) and PC (Steam).

Perfect World has no plans to release the game on console as they are working to perfect the mobile and PC clients.

You can join the Tower of Fantasy Discord server to stay updated on the game.

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