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List of Twitter Blue Features

Twitter Blue is a $4.99 USD per month subscription that comes with premium features.

The features are—Bookmark Folders, Custom App Icons, and Custom Navigation.

It also comes with Reader, Themes, Top Articles, and an “Undo Tweet” feature.

These features are only available for users who subscribed to Twitter Blue.

After Elon Musk’s takeover, he plans to increase the price of the subscription to $8 USD per month.

In addition, he’s planning to introduce more features like replies/mentions/search priority, a blue checkmark, a secondary tag, and more.

This article will be updated when these plans are implemented.

Here is a list of Twitter Blue features:

1. Bookmark folders

Twitter Blue Bookmark Folders

Group and organized bookmarked tweets into folders for quick discovery.

You can add an unlimited number of bookmarks and bookmark folders.

To create a bookmark folder from your home timeline, tap the share icon on a tweet, select “Add Tweet to Bookmarks”, and select “Add to Folder”.

To create a bookmark folder from your profile menu, select “Bookmarks”, tap on the “New Folder” icon, choose a name, and tap on “Create”.

2. Custom app icons

Custom app icons allow you to change the Twitter mobile app icon.

There are multiple colorful and seasonal options.

Some featured looks are available for a limited time, so be sure to check your settings regularly.

To change the app icon, tap on your profile picture > Twitter Blue > App Icon > choose an icon.

3. Custom navigation

Custom navigation allows you to choose what shows up in your navigation bar.

This lets you get quick access to the content and Twitter destinations that you like.

You can customize your bottom navigation bar by selecting a minimum of 2 items and a maximum of 6 items.

This feature is only available for iOS devices.

4. Reader mode

Twitter Blue Reader Mode

With Reader Mode, you can transform threads into an easy reading experience.

Reader allows you to read threads without the noise.

To turn on the feature, select the reader icon at the top.

You can also use it to change your text size.

5. Themes

The free version of Twitter only allows you to switch between the Default, Dim, and Lights Out themes.

With Twitter Blue, you can choose the theme colors for the app.

To do so, tap on your profile picture > Twitter Blue > Theme > choose a color.

This will change the color of your Twitter feed.

6. Top articles

“Top Articles” is a list of the most-shared articles from people you follow.

This allows you to find the content that you want to read.

Select an article from the list to read it or select the profiles of someone who shared the article to join the conversation.

To use the feature, find “Top Articles” in your profile menu.

You can use the filter icon to set the time or view your Top Articles in the last 1, 2, 4, 8, or 24 hours.

7. Undo tweets

Twitter Blue Undo Tweets

Did you accidentally post a tweet that you don’t want to share?

The Undo Tweet feature allows you to undo a tweet before it’s sent.

This gives you a chance to preview your tweet and edit it before it’s posted.

When you tap on “Undo”, it will send you back to the Tweet composer where you can edit the tweet before posting it.

If you want to post the tweet immediately, you can select “Send now” to skip the “Undo Tweet” option.

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