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Who is Barbin ili? The Viral TikTok Dancer

Barbin ili, also known as Ba Bin (芭比) or Ba Bi, is a professional dancer and a social media influencer in China.

She is one of the top creators on Douyin with over 4 million followers.

Barbin is known for her dance videos, cute outfits, and appearances in various competitions.

Due to her fame, many fan accounts of her are on mainstream social media platforms.

In this article, you’ll learn who is Barbin ili on TikTok and Douyin, her age, real face, real name, and more.

Barbin ili stats

WordPress Table with Age Calculation
Full name Hu Li Lu (Barbin)
Weight 48 kg (105 lbs)
Height 155 cm (5’10”)
Nationality Chinese
Year of birth 1995
Profession Professional dancer, social media influencer, live streamer

Who is Barbin ili?


Replying to @regarding380 科目三 X 3

♬ Canção do Fogo – Relax House

Barbin ili (born November 6, 1995) is a professional dancer and a social media influencer in China.

She is based in Zhejiang and she has over 4 million followers on Douyin, the China version of TikTok.

After several fan accounts reuploaded her videos from Douyin to mainstream social media platforms, Barbin went viral outside of China.

Unfortunately, some accounts tried to impersonate Barbin without giving her credit by linking to her official social media accounts.

She uploaded a video sharing her response and urged her fans to report accounts like “Barbin1106” on TikTok and “lypo7031” on YouTube.

Before that, Barbin rose to fame after appearing in China’s Got Talent, Great Dance Crew, and China Central Television.

The Great Dance Crew is a Chinese dance survival show hosted by Youku.

She collaborated with Li Chunlin for the Dance for the Champion in the finals and finished 7th place.

Her appearance in China’s Got Talent in 2021 got over 300k views on YouTube, titled “Life-size doll surprises judges”.

Known for being a talented dancer, Barbin has a dance style resembling a robot.

This dance style is specifically known as “Popping”, the sudden tensing and releasing of muscles.

In meme culture, this style is known as an NPC (Non-Playable Character) dance style.

On Douyin and TikTok, her most popular videos feature her dancing in public.

She has three collections on Douyin—the NPC series, the Disney Princess series, and Everything Belongs to You.

They have more than 160 million views, 50 million views, and 3 million views respectively.

In the video above, Barbin danced her version of the viral “Subject Three” Haidilao dance.

Her most popular video on Douyin was when she danced while on the edge of West Lake in a red outfit.

The video got over 8 million likes and more than 300,000 comments.

Her most popular video on TikTok is a video of her dancing that was recorded from a passerby’s perspective.

The video got over 10 million views and more than 3,000 comments.

It was uploaded by a fan account (@barbin.ili.stan) since TikTok is restricted in China.

The account has over 300k followers and a total of 3 million likes.

Before her appearance in the Great Dance Crew, she had 6 years of experience in dancing.

Her Popping teacher is ACKY (Kitamura Akihide), who is a renowned dancer from Japan.

Barbin’s official social media, music playlists, and performances can be viewed at https://linktr.ee/barbin.ili.

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