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Who is Wally in Welcome Home?

Welcome Home ARG is a website centered around a 90s kids’ TV program and developed by a team called “The Welcome Home Restoration Project”.

Their primary goal is to collect, repair, and preserve any relics of Welcome Home that they can find.

They’re working together to bring back the memories of this lost media.

In addition, they hope to establish a friendly and inviting community reminiscent of the show’s vibrant and delightful characters.

One of the characters in Welcome Home is Wally, who is a friendly painter.

In this article, you’ll learn who is Wally (Wally Darling) in Welcome Home ARG and an analysis of his awareness.

Who is Wally in Welcome Home?

Wally (Wally Darling) is a friendly and cheerful neighbor who is the main character of Welcome Home.

He is a successful painter and likes teaching others his skills.

Wally has a kind and welcoming demeanor, is creative, and is loved by the community,

As the central figure of the franchise, he is featured in almost every episode and book.

He’s often together with his best friend Barnaby, who shares many similarities with him.

Wally’s home is called “Home”, which is portrayed as a lively and animated character in the series.

Although “Home” does not speak, it can move and act.

Wally and his neighborhood are featured in multiple Welcome Home merchandise, advertising, and media.

You can learn more about him by visiting clownillustration.com/your-neighborhood and clicking on the house in the middle of the neighborhood.

Analysis of Wally’s awareness

Wally is the only character who consistently looks at the camera, breaking the forth wall and establishing a connection with the viewer.

He is also the artist responsible for the drawings accompanying some of the signatures in the website’s guest book.

Wally’s responses to these comments indicate a self-awareness of his status as a puppet within the show.

For example, Wally responds to a user who mentions their love of puppets by drawing a picture of a pig and stating “I am a puppet, I am your favorite”.

Furthermore, in an audio test for Wally made by the creator, Wally comments that he knows he is “fuzzy” and “cute”.

This, combined with other evidence, suggests that he is aware of his own puppet nature.

Conclusively, the evidence presented in the transcript suggests that Wally is a self-aware character in Welcome Home.

In addition, he has a complex and nuanced understanding of his own status as a puppet.


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