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Winter Memories Walkthrough Guide

Winter Memories is a relaxing adventure RPG where you can explore a seaside town.

After the unforgettable summer memories you’ve made half a year ago, Yui, Rio, and Miyuki are back.

With the change of seasons and the cold falling snow, a new page to your story is about to begin.

Revisit the peaceful, seaside town, and spend time catching up with your family and friends.

This article contains a basic Winter Memories walkthrough guide on Steam, tips, vigilance, items, and more.

Basics and tips

  • Every hour, the map changes. The girls will switch positions, and if you were having a conversation with them, they will stop it to move, so don’t talk to girls too late in the current hour since you can only talk to them once per dayphase
  • Thanks to this, now you don’t have to worry about “wasting” your bath (in the previous game, your uncle could take a bath in the evening, which would ruin your chance to bathe with a girl)
  • Making an accumulated 1000 yen offering reveals a tip on an achievement. Achievements unlock skills, so they are worth checking out
  • Some of the quests mention multiple goals and most of the time order won’t matter, but be mindful of those that do. Check for “and then” or “after that” among their descriptions
  • Check Dwitter daily (Rio’s computer). Completing challenges gives you EXP. Once you have the Skip Minigame skill, you can use it to complete challenges easier
  • If you level up and select to upgrade your Max Stamina, it will also completely refill it. This is actually more useful than the actual increase in Max Stamina since you can’t buy Protein
  • If you have s*x with a girl, she’ll be out of commission till the hour changes. Be careful not to do it if you planned to talk to her in that particular hour
  • A room is “covered in c*m” after you’ve c*me in it 8 times, not just 3, without cleaning it. You don’t need to spend a lot of Lust per c*m
  • S*x in the bathroom has the noise muffled
  • If you go late night to apartment 102, you can buy certain items
  • If you go at dusk to apartment 202, you can buy vegetables
  • Once you get the lewd photograph skill, just take a picture of a girl to get an upsk*rt shot. You can also take a picture of them after certain s*x positions: miss***ary, p***driver and an*l


  • You won’t have to worry about girl vigilance, just your uncle, but it’s worse than before
  • They won’t give you a heads up (formerly the bomb icon)
  • The uncle stays there all day UNLESS you get him to Mood 100, then he’ll leave the next day
  • A failed state triggers after the hour has passed, so if you have s*x let’s say at 6:30, don’t save! Wait until it’s 7:00 to see if it’s safe to save
  • Your uncle will notice c*mstains, but there’s a skill that helps you with that
  • There’s a certain achievement which makes him ignore stains


  • Elixir: Recovers 30 Stamina, 30 Lust, 10 Memories
  • Happy Ramune: used as a gift
  • Protein: Recovers 50% your max Stamina
  • Er*ction King: Recovers 50% your max Lust
  • Vegetables: Used on Cooking Minigame
  • <Type> Magazine: Use it as a gift for a girl. Her <type> status will increase
  • Sleeping aid: Use it a gift. The girl will fall asleep. It can also be used to keep her asleep on the late night s*x minigame
  • Fish: Used on Cooking Minigame. Can also be sold to a fisherman at the Levee
  • Lottery ticket: Can be obtained by buying vegetables. Use them to gain special prices at the lottery


  • Playing menko is not just useful to proceed with Akari’s quest, it also gets you experience and items. Skip minigames allows you to automatically win, even against the Menko Hunters
  • If you’re having trouble with Mizuki. Go to the shrine and get a hint
  • You get more recipes by playing the waiter minigame (the restaurant in front of Mizuki)
  • Kanae will appear in front of the condo in the morning, but I only saw her after I had advanced with several other girls
  • Hikari will appear after you advance with Akari

New Years Games

Shooting game

  • Try making consecutive shots to the tiny red dot on the target.
  • Each consecutive shot in each area will increase the points they give you
  • Also don’t panic once speed increases, focus on them on the order they appear, otherwise, you’ll probably miss them


There are two mechanics here:

  • Place a hoop on an item you want. For every 3 times you “capture” that item, you’ll get one as a price
  • Make lines of three with the hoops to get points. Each line you make will get you more points than the previous one. You’ll have to ignore the items you get if you want to score the most. This is the only way to obtain the lamp


  1. redactedSnake on Steam

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