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Young Samurai The Ring of Earth AR Quiz Answers

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This guide contains all of the Young Samurai The Ring of Earth AR Quiz Answers by Chris Bradford (Renaissance Accelerated Reading test).

Young Samurai The Ring of Earth AR Quiz Answers

Question: In exchange for being taken care of at Soke’s village, Jack agreed to —.

Answer: Teach Hanzo the Art of the Sword.

Question: The villagers wanted to remain hidden from Akechi because he would —.

Answer: Tax them heavily for their rice.

Question: What happened before Soke suggested that Jack train as a ninja?

Answer: Jack fled from the village, but Miyuki caught him and brought him back.

Question: What old trick did Miyuki use on Jack during the team challenge?

Answer: She threw him over a hedge into the village manure heap.

Question: Why was Jack shocked when he looked at Hanzo after they swam together?

Answer: He had a small pearl-shaped birthmark on his lower back.

Question: What did Gemnan reveal after Jack was captured by Akechi’s guards?

Answer: Jack had been betrayed by a ninja.

Question: What favour did Jack ask of the merchant he saved from the three bandits?

Answer: To deliver a message to Akiko in Toba.

Question: Why did Jack and Miyuki go to Gemnan’s room when inside Akechi’s castle?

Answer: To get the key to the cage in which Soke, Hanzo and the others were trapped.

Question: What happened after Shiro revealed himself to be the traitor?

Answer: Akechi praised Shiro, who bowed, and then Gemnan slit Shiro’s throat.

Question: How was Akechi’s ninja disguise exposed in the clearing after the battle?

Answer: Jack said the clan’s secret password, and Akechi failed to stand up.

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