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How to Solve Chapter 4 Bird Bridge Station in Underground Blossom

Underground Blossom is a point-and-click adventure set in the Rusty Lake Underground.

Explore various metro stations, solve puzzles, and unravel different timelines.

The game provides a gripping story, classic point-and-click puzzles, and an odd atmosphere.

With 7 unique metro stations, players can earn achievements and enjoy an immersive soundtrack.

In this walkthrough guide, you’ll learn how to solve Chapter 4: Bird Bridge Station in Underground Blossom (clock, electricity box, and trumpet).

How to Solve Chapter 4 Bird Bridge Station in Underground Blossom

Underground Blossom Chapter 4: Bird Bridge Station walkthrough:

  1. Give Laura the pencil, use it to trace a portion of Rose’s face, and collect the line.
  2. Uncap the sewer and tie the line to the stick.
  3. Interact with the singing woman poster and hold the woman’s mouth.
  4. Remember the notes and play them on the trumpet (1 2 3 1 2 3).
  5. This unlocks an achievement, along with playing random notes on the trumpet for a while.
  6. Take the fish and obtain the hook.
  7. Go back to the sewer and connect the hook to the makeshift rod.
  8. Attach the sausage piece and reel up a rat.
  9. Follow the rat around the room and read the note that drops when it goes into the crevice.
  10. Set the time to 5:00 and talk to Bob to get money.
  11. Buy a coffee and a sandwich.
  12. Give Bob the sandwich and drag the worms off of the bottom bread piece and obtain breadcrumbs.
  13. Give Laura the coffee, drink it, and collect the cigarette.
  14. Talk to anyone at the station, then red hat, check brown suitcase’s pocket, and give glasses to hard hat.
  15. Check tall smiley’s pocket, give tie to tie-less businessman, and talk to green tie.
  16. Check the other red beard w/ hat man’s pocket and obtain the lighter.
  17. Take the cigarette and the lighter to the suspicious man, get robbed, and collect the paper clip inside the paper bag.
  18. Go to where Laura and Bob are sitting and look through Laura’s sketchbook.
  19. Flip through the pages and find the time (3:45).
  20. Use the paper clip to lockpick the electricity box.
  21. Solve the three puzzles—587, 192, and 361 (expand the screenshots above for the solutions).
  22. After solving the puzzles go to the speaker and take note of the announcement, go back to the trumpet player and play the notes (1 1 2 2 3 3).
  23. Free the bird and go to where Laura and Bob are sitting.
  24. Once the bird is perched on Laura’s hand, feed it the breadcrumbs. Remember the song it sings.
  25. Go back to the trumpet player and play the notes (3 3 1 3 1 1).
  26. Obtain the ticket, change the time to 3:45, and give the ticket to the conductor (this will unlock another achievement).

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