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Dear Diary Today I Learned My First Curse Word Lyrics

“Dear diary, today I learned my first curse word” is a popular meme on TikTok.

The meme features videos of people’s pets while captions from the diary were shown.

The videos typically include funny and goofy photos of cats and dogs that were taken in an odd angle.

Other videos include screenshots of people sending messages from the meme to other people.

In this article, you’ll learn the Dear Diary Today I Learned My First Curse Word lyrics, meme, original video, and copypasta (copy and paste).

Dear Diary Today I Learned My First Curse Word Lyrics

Dear Diary Today I Learned My First Curse Word

Dear Diare, today, I lernd my 1st crs word, bich.

Dory. Diory. Dear Diory. Bich.

Dear Dior. I just lerned the f word.

It is f*ck.

Original video and meme

The original video of the meme was edited and posted by Jeaney Collects on YouTube.

The video got over 4 million views, more than 300k likes, and over 5k comments.

What made it funny is the AI voiceover that sounded like a baby version of Cartman from South Park.

The meme was initially popularized on a community on Reddit called r/kidsaref*ckingstupid and was posted by u/dontliketocomment.

A TikTok user, @myukle, uploaded a short animation of the voiceover on TikTok.

The video featured a short animation and drawing of Cartman from South Park.

In the animation, Cartman is drawn as a toddler while writing in his diary.

The video got over 2 million views and more than 400k likes.

@myukle has other South Park animations on her TikTok featuring characters like Wendy, Kenny, and Kyle.

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