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How to Fix Fatal D3D Error in Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4, is a remastered version of the original 2005 game.

It features updated gameplay, a fresh narrative, and enhanced visuals.

The story follows Leon S. Kennedy, a survivor of the Raccoon City catastrophe who now works for the US president as a special agent.

In the game, he is tasked with rescuing the president’s daughter, and his search leads him to a remote European village.

The game is a blend of survival horror and thrilling rescue missions that promises to deliver an intense gaming experience.

If you’re trying the game’s demo or recently bought it, you might experience a fatal application exit error.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to fix the Fatal D3D error fatal application exit in Resident Evil 4 or the Chainsaw Demo.

How to fix Fatal D3D error in Resident Evil 4

Fatal D3D error in Resident Evil 4

To fix Fatal D3D error in Resident Evil, you can try disabling full-screen optimizations or changing your PC’s virtual memory settings.

You can also try disabling ray tracing and lowering the texture quality of the game.

Other troubleshooting methods include updating your graphics card and removing the undervolting/overclocking of your graphics card.

You can also try repairing the Windows image or verifying the integrity of the game’s files.

Method 1: Disable full-screen optimizations

  1. Open Steam, go to your library, and right-click “Resident Evil 4”.
  2. Properties > Local Files > Browse.
  3. Right-click “Resident Evil 4/re4demo”.
  4. Properties > Compatibility > Disable full-screen optimizations.
  5. Apply > Ok > Launch RE4.

Method 2: Change virtual memory settings

  1. Right-click the Windows logo > Settings > System.
  2. About > Advanced system settings > Performance > Settings.
  3. Advanced > Change.
  4. Disable “Automatic manage paging file size for all drives”.
  5. Enable “System managed size” > Set > Ok.
  6. Restart your PC and launch RE4.

Method 3: Disable ray tracing

  1. Launch Resident Evil 4/RE4 Demo.
  2. Open the game’s settings.
  3. Select “Graphics”.
  4. Turn off “Ray Tracing”.
  5. Set “Texture Quality” to “Low”.

Method 4: Important troubleshooting methods

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