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How to Fix Global Rate Limit Exceeded in ChatGPT

Are you getting a “Whoa there! You might need to wait a bit” error when accessing ChatGPT?

Here’s the second part of the error, “Currently we are receiving more requests than we are comfortable with!”.

Followed by, “To try your request again, come back in a short while and reload this page”.

And, “Global rate limit exceeded. Tracking ID: 814c5203ddf3351f4001”.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to fix the Global Rate Limit Exceeded error in ChatGPT or OpenAI.

What do rate limits mean in OpenAI?

OpenAI rate limits

Rate limits in OpenAI are a restriction on how many times a user can access the server within a designated timeframe.

They prevent spam, abuse, or misuse of the API like overload attempts that can cause service disruptions.

By throttling the number of requests a user can make, it ensures that everyone has fair access to the API.

This is to ensure that the most number of people can use the API without experiencing delays.

Rate limits also ensure a smooth and consistent experience for all users as it prevents performance degradation.

How to fix Global Rate Limit Exceeded in ChatGPT

 Global Rate Limit Exceeded in ChatGPT

To fix the Global Rate Limit Exceeded error in ChatGPT, you need to wait for an hour or two before accessing the chatbot again.

The error occurs when a user exceeds the maximum number of requests allowed in a specific time frame.

It can also happen if there are too many users using the chatbot—causing server overload.

The duration of the time limit depends on the specific limit set by ChatGPT.

According to OpenAI, the default rate limit is 5 requests per second per API key.

If you exceed the limit, the API will respond with a “Global Rate Limit Exceeded” error message.

As the global rate limit is enforced by the ChatGPT system, you cannot take any specific action to avoid the error.

To prevent the error from happening, you need to refrain from using any scripts or automated tools.

In addition, you should try to send requests or messages at intervals.

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