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Jake Combos in MultiVersus

Superficially, Jake’s combos are not intuitive and his combos seem lackluster.

However, Jake’s moves can provide opportunities to combo your opponent and deal a lot of damage.

A lot of his combos can be looped such as the n-air d-air combo.

This allows you to get creative and combo your opponent in multiple ways.

That said, not every combo is optimal—some of them can be only used in specific circumstances.

In this guide, you’ll learn the best Jake combos in MultiVersus, moves with inputs, and a legend for them.

Input guide for Jake

Input legend

  • DC: Dodge Cancel
  • Jab: Side attack on the ground
  • N: Neutral
  • D: Down
  • S: Side
  • U: Up
  • Light (e.g. S-Light): Ground attack in the corresponding direction
  • Air (e.g. S-Air): Aerial attack in the corresponding direction
  • Special (e.g. S-Special): Special attack in the corresponding direction

Jake Combos in MultiVersus

MultiVersus Jake Combos

Jake combos in MultiVersus

  • Jab 1, U-Light
  • Jab 1, N-Special
  • N-Air, D-Air
  • D-Air 1, N-Air
  • N-Air, S-Air
  • S-Air, N-Air
  • U-Air 1, N-Air
  • N-Air, N-Special
  • D-Air 1, DC, N-Special
  • D-Air 1, DC, U-Special
  • S-Special, N-Air
  • U-Special, U-Air
  • U-Special, N-Air

*The numbers are used to mark the individual parts of a move with multiple hits (e.g. D-Air 1 would be the first hit of Jake’s skateboard attack).

You can get creative and combine the combos to deal massive damage to your opponent.

However, combining the combos is not always optimal, so you need to use them in the right circumstances.

For perks, “Triple Jump” is standard, and “Collateral Damage” synergizes well with Jake’s kit.

Jake moves in MultiVersus

Jake Moves MultiVersus

Jake basic attacks

  • Eat Spikes!/Belly Bump – Neutral + Attack
  • Funky Junk – Side + Attack
  • You Axe’d For It!/Mace In Yo Face – Up + Attack
  • Splits!/Where’s My Halfpipe? – Down + Attack

Jake special attacks

  • Rubber Stomach, Dude! – Neutral + Special
  • Giddy Up! – Side + Special
  • Stretchin’ Out – Up + Special
  • That’s Heavy, Dude – Down + Special

Passive abilities

  • Nil – Jake does not have any passive abilities.

Jake is a bruiser and he is great for bullying your opponents.

He is good at attacking in all directions and one of his best moves is his side air attack (S-Air).

Make sure to utilize this move as much as possible because it is a great combo starter and finisher.

His neutral air attack (N-Air) is also great at keeping your opponents at bay.

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