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Shaggy Combos in MultiVersus

Shaggy is a superb character in MultiVersus because of his early kill power.

If you’re committed to playing Shaggy, you should swap the grounded side and neutral attack.

To do this, go to your Settings > Controls > Controller > Swap Grounded Side And Neutral Attack.

This will allow you to jump and attack with no delay.

In addition, your fall attack goes forward as a nice charge and your jab is on neutral.

In this guide, you’ll learn the best Shaggy combos in MultiVersus, moves with inputs, and a legend for them.

Input guide for Shaggy

Input legend

  • Side Attack: Side attack on the ground
  • Down Attack: Down attack on the ground
  • Up Attack: Up attack on the ground
  • Up Special: Up Special on the ground

Shaggy Combos in MultiVersus

Shaggy Combos MultiVersus

Shaggy combos in MultiVersus

  • Side Attack, Side Attack
  • Side Attack, Side Attack, Up Attack
  • Side Attack, Side Attack, Up Attack, Up Special
  • Down Attack, Side Attack, Side Attack
  • Down Attack, Side Attack, Side Attack, Down Attack
  • Down Attack, Side Attack, Side Attack, Down Attack, Down Attack

Shaggy moves in MultiVersus

Shaggy Moves MultiVersus

Shaggy basic attacks

  • Knuckle Sandwich/Flurrious Feet – Neutral + Attack
  • Combo Meal/Like, Knee Strike – Side + Attack
  • Like, Overhead Swing!/Flying Slacker Smack – Up + Attack
  • Power Stomp/Get Down, Man – Down + Attack

Shaggy special attacks

  • Zoinks! – Neutral + Special
  • Chiller Instinct Kick – Side + Special
  • Power Uppercut – Up + Special
  • Like, Feed The Hunger/Like, C’Mere Man! – Down + Special

Shaggy passive abilities

  • Shaggy’s RAGED special attacks hit harder and move further. Additionally, give him ARMOR during the attack and deal maximum stacks of WEAKENED DEBUFF to hit enemies. RAGE is consumed after a special attack. Allies with a small RAGE will deal maximum WEAKENED on their next attack, but RAGE will be consumed afterward.
  • Allies who become ENRAGED will deal maximum STACKS of WEAKENED on their next MELEE attack, but ENRAGED will be consumed afterward.
  • Shaggy starts with a sandwich because he’s Shaggy.

One of Shaggy’s best moves is neutral air, which is a multi-hit attack.

It has incredible accuracy and an amazing landing option.

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