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List of Midjourney Commands

To use Midjourney, you need to use the “/imagine” command followed by keywords.

Other than the “/imagine”, command, there are a ton of other commands that you can use.

They are functions of the AI that can be typed in a bot channel or a thread under it.

Some commands allow you to change the quality of the image generation.

Other commands allow you to change the size of the image.

In this guide, you’ll learn all of the Midjourney commands including command inputs, stylize values, quality values, and more.

Basic Midjourney commands

Here is a list of Midjourney commands that you’ll frequently use on Discord.

  • /imagine (e.g. /imagine waffles and pancakes).
  • /help (info about the bot).
  • /info (info about your profile).
  • /subscribe (subscribe to the bot).
  • /fast (your jobs will be incrementally billed).
  • /relax (your jobs do not cost, but takes longer to generate).
  • /show <jobid> (revive any job).
  • /private (your jobs are private).
  • /public (your jobs are public).

“/imagine” parameters

Midjourney commands

Parameters are inputs that you add at the end of the “/imagine” command.

Here’s an example of one, “/imagine pancakes and waffles –q3 –iw 0.25

  • –beta (an experimental algorithm).
  • –hd (an older algorithm for higher resolutions).
  • –aspect/–ar (generates images with the aspect ratio).
  • –w (sets the width of the image).
  • –h (sets the height of the image).
  • –seed (sets the seed).
  • –sameseed (affects all images the same way).
  • –no (e.g. –no plants).
  • –iw (image prompt weight).
  • –stylize <number> (how strong you want the image style to be).
  • –q <number> (the quality of the image).
  • –chaos <number> (the randomness of the image).
  • –fast (faster images, less consistency, less expensive).
  • –stop (stop the image generation).
  • –video (saves a progress video).
  • –v <1 or 2> (an old algorithm to use the last improvement).
  • –uplight (uses the “light” upscaler).

Stylize commands

Stylize values are how artistic you want your generation to be.

  • –s 625 (less artistic).
  • –s 1250 (less strict but pretty).
  • –s 2500 (default value).
  • –s 20000 (let the stylization take over).
  • –s 60000 (maximum stylization).

Quality commands

Quality commands changes the generation time and quality of your image.

  • –q 0.25 (4x faster, rough results, cheaper).
  • –q 0.5 (2x faster, less detailed, cheaper).
  • –q 1 (default value).
  • –q2 (2x slower, more detailed, expensive).
  • –q5 (experiemental).

Using a URL

Midjourney URL command

You add a URL for the AI to use as reference/inspiration.

  • /imagine <URL> (e.g. /imagine https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star#/media/File:Starsinthesky.jpg black hole).

Text weights

Give a part of your prompt a specific weight.

If you didn’t specify the weight, the default value of it is “1”.

  • /imagine bread::1.5 food::-1
  • /imagine dog::1.25 animal::-0.75
  • /imagine bread food::-1 animal

Preferences and settings

  • /settings (opens up the visual settings).
  • /prefer suffix (non-visual settings).
  • /prefer suffix <text>
  • /prefer auto_dm True (jobs will be automatically DMed to you).
  • /prefer option set <name> <value> (sets a shortcut to a value that you’ve set, similar to keyboard shortcuts).
  • /prefer option list (see a list of your preferred options).

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