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Most Expensive Weapons in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is a highly immersive strategy/action RPG that takes place in a vast medieval sandbox.

Players can create their own unique characters and engage in diplomacy, crafting, trading, and conquering new lands.

The game also features a deep and intuitive skill-based combat system, allowing players to command and fight alongside their troops in massive real-time battles.

As players progress, they can raise armies to lead into battle and develop their character’s skills to become a formidable force in the game’s world.

With a rich storyline, detailed graphics, and engaging gameplay, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord offers a thrilling experience for fans of both strategy and RPG games.

This article contains a list of the most expensive weapons in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord (Two-handed sword, polearm, axe, etc.).

  1. Two-handed sword
  2. Two-handed polearm
  3. Two-handed axe
  4. Javelin
  5. One-handed sword
  6. Two-handed mace
  7. One-handed mace
  8. One-handed axe
  9. Pike
  10. Throwing axe
  11. Dagger
  12. Throwing knife
  13. References

Two-handed sword

Price: 44000

  • V Thamaskene Steel Kaskara Blade (Max Size) / (No Thamaskene Steel) IV Fine Steel Broad Kaskara Blade
  • V Ridged Western Guard (Min Size)
  • IV Red Leather 1/2H Grip (Min Size)
  • V Eaglehead Pommel (Min Size)

Two-handed polearm

Price: 33676

  • V Long Glaive Head
  • V Double Hook Wings
  • V Cured Oaken Pike Shaft / (Best alternaitive untill former one is unlocked) III Short Pine Shaft
  • V Spiked Round Spear Pommel

Two-handed axe

Price: 17444

  • V Heavy Bardiche Head
  • V Heavily Reinforced Oaken Great Axe Handle / V Hardened Oaken Two Handed Axe Handle
  • V Ornamental Pommel / V Eaglehead Pommel / V Imperial Decorated Pommel / V Imperial Round Pommel


Price: 16674

  • V Thin Fine Steel Hewing Spear Head
  • IV Riveted Spear Head Reinforcement
  • III Mahogany Javelin Shaft
  • V Spiked Round Spear Pommel

One-handed sword

Price: 11762

  • V Highland Decorated Blade / V Engraved Backsword Blade / IV Long Falx Blade
  • V Ridged Western Guard / V Cusped Southern Guard
  • V Silver Inlaid Engraved Reinforced Grip / V Decorated Round Southern Noble Grip / V Riveted Decorated Red Kaskara Grip
  • V Lordly Pommel / V Ornamental Pommel / V Bronze Branded Pommel / V Northern Lordly Pommel / V Ornamental Pommel / V Faceted Challice Pommel / V Southern Faceted Pommel

Two-handed mace

Price: 11178

  • IV Heavy Horsemans Mace Head
  • V Hardened Oaken Two Handed Axe Handle
  • V Eastern Ornamented Pommel / V Turqouise Pommel / V Spiked Round Spear Pommel / V Faceted Chalice Pommel / V Southern Faceted Pommel

One-handed mace

Price: 5623

  • V Cataphracts Mace Head
  • V Angular Fine Steel Mace Handle
  • V Lordly Pommel / Ornamental Pommel / Southern Faceted Pommel

One-handed axe

Price: 3620

  • V Rectangular Bit Blade
  • V Hardened Long Oaken Handle
  • V Spiked Round Spear Pommel / Thamaskene Steel Riveted Spear Pommel


Price: 2767

  • V Long Glave Head
  • V Hard Maple Pike Shaft

Throwing axe

Price: 1471

  • IV Franziska Head
  • IV Hardened Oaken Throwing Axe Handle


Price: 723

  • III Sica Blade
  • IV Southern Star Guide
  • V Bottleneck Desert Guide
  • V Eaglehead Pommel

Throwing knife

Price: 292

  • III Long Broad Dagger Blade
  • III Knobbed Diamond Dagger Guard
  • V Bottleneck Desert Grip
  • V Southern Faceted Pommel


  1. Linguistie on Steam

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