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Tristan Tate on GETTR

Tristan Tate, also known as Talisman, is a European kickboxing champion.

He is the brother of Andrew Tate, also a kickboxing champion and an internet personality.

Tristan appeared in many podcasts and vlogs with his brother.

He can be seen in multiple videos on their formal YouTube channel, TateConfidential.

Unfortunately, TateSpeech and TateConfidential were both banned on YouTube.

Andrew was banned from almost every social media platform like Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch.

However, Tristan’s Instagram is still unbanned—but Meta can choose to pull the plug at any time.

In this article, you’ll learn about Tristan Tate’s GETTR profile link and why did he join GETTR.

Tristan Tate’s GETTR profile

Tristan Tate GETTR

Tristan Tate’s GETTR profile link is https://gettr.com/user/talismantate.

He currently has more than 66k followers and his posts typically get over 1k likes.

His brother, Andrew, has more than 90k followers.

Tristan joined the platform in January 2022.

Unlike mainstream social media platforms like Instagram, GETTR advocates free speech.

This means that Tristan and his brother won’t be banned from sharing their opinions.

Tristan typically shares pictures of himself (fashion/lifestyle), quotes, and thoughts on GETTR.

Here’s one of his posts, “There is nothing I dislike more than people with unrealistic expectations of me”.

And another one, “I cannot imagine a life in which I am not always one step ahead of my enemies”.

The Tristan brothers have always upheld hard work, discipline, and grit in their values.

They are helping young men to become the best versions of themselves.

The problem is that a lot of their clips are posted without context—which makes them look like bad people.

With platforms like GETTR, Tristan and his brother can continue helping people without getting censored.

Why did Tristan Tate join GETTR?

Tristan Tate joined GETTR because he supports the platform and its mission.

GETTR rejects cancel culture and champions free speech.

It’s created to fight against online censorship—giving its users a platform to share their opinions without getting canceled.

After his brother’s ban on almost every social media platform, it’s important for Tristan to join a platform like GETTR because he might be banned too.

In fact, Twitter banned Andrew, his brands, and the people that associated with him a few years ago.

This includes Tristan’s and Luke’s (their cousin’s) Twitter accounts.

Tristan said that GETTR will become the main social media platform that he uses soon.

Here’s one of his posts, “The Talisman is now on Gettr, this will be the future of my social media presence. Life without social media is just as perfect, but I do enjoy showing off. Spread the word to all of your friends”.

And another one, “20,000 followers here on Gettr! Thanks everybody, within a short period of time this will be my main social media account”.

Recently, one of Tristan’s posts was taken down on Instagram for giving away $5,000.

Apparently, the post was taken down because it was “moving people away” from the platform.

This shows the absurdity of modern media censorship and GETTR solves it.

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